Lexi Hiland Films

La LoterÍa de la Vida

Directed/Produced by Lexi Hiland
Director of Photography, Thomas Shannon
Producer: Taisa Mundy
Co-producer, Paula Arce
Asst. Director/Photography, Charles Kinnane lll




Synopsis: In this short film documentary, director/producer Lexi Hiland journeys back to Pamplona, Colombia to uncover the details about her first year of life. After being abandoned at a hospital as a baby, a stranger willingly agrees to take care of her until she is adopted to the United States. Twenty three years later, after studying the art of film and moving to New York City, she returns to her home town determined to capture the story & seek answers to her unanswered questions. The story is an incredibly personal investigation on the theory of chance, and the discovery of events that have changed the course of Lexi’s life. With an unlimited amount of opportunities growing up, the director begs to ask the question: What matters? What paths are given to us and which ones do we choose? Had it not been for the love of all these seemingly tiny connections, would she even be alive to tell her story?

    La Lotería de la Vida (The Lottery of Life) explores the core of human nature in situations of abandonment and separation; luck and coincidence. Is chance the only thing that separates us from a life of struggle and poverty, or can we rig the system knowing that our choices will ripple throughout all of humanity? At it’s center, it’s a self-directed journey to uncover the truths of what makes a family—a narrative that explores the power of choice and the importance of equal opportunity for all who are given life on this earth.