Trailer Structure Starter Course from Film Editing Pro

Trailer Structure Starter Course from Film Editing Pro


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For those getting started. It takes time and it's an investment, but hey you can have it on your doorstep in two days!


Sony A7sII

Sigma Art Lens


Zoom Audio Recorder


For The Book Nerds

Because creativity is not just about the gear. 


The Artist's Way helped me regain every ounce of creativity I had once it was drained, Film Editing taught me when I first started cutting in college, The War of Art was the quickest and most encouraging book regarding art I had ever read, and Sculpting In Time are lessons from a truly great filmmaker. These are just some that are in my collection, that I highly recommend. 

Keep It Secret. Keep it Safe.

Backups on backups. 


For the big projects

For travel!

There are so many of these options, and really, most are great. For travel I use smaller drives, but for something like storing larger projects/files I recommend Western Digital, La Cie Rugged drives, Seagate and G-Drive Mobile USB. 

Basic Life Things...

Because our work is inspired by real life things. 


7 Women explores the remarkable lives of 7 women through out history who have kept the faith and sacrificed much for their children, country or people. Eric Metaxes has also written one called 7 Men. The $100 Startup follows dozens of people's stories who have come up with ideas overnight and turned them into businesses the next day. While entrepreneurship is not for every filmmaker or artist, it certainly is a way to be inspired and stretch your mind about how to contribute to your world in a very creative way.

The Moleskine journal represents a place to put all your STUFF. And I mean allll your stuff. The good, the bad, the bright and the beautiful. I have used a journal since college and I carry that thing around with me like my Bible. It will be very uncomfortable at first if you're not used to writing or self reflection. I actually have a good friend who told me that he thought it was a waste of time when I gave him his journal in college. And I KNOW he didn't open it for quite some time. Now, he says it's one of the most important aspects of his life and he sees the value of it (You're welcome, Joe! :) 

Story Matters. (freebies below!)


Women Make Movies  

This site offers great resources for women like film distribution techniques, funding opportunities and film festival information. They also host webinars that feature executives from large broadcast production companies, funders and leaders (both men and women) in the film industry. (I sign up for these all the time and I never regret it.) See list of Webinars here

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